Let our experienced team help create a workplace that is safe and productive.

Reduce wrist fatigue with keyboard trays. Improve productivity with monitor arms that hold multiple screens while protecting your neck from unneeded strain. Numerous sit to stand options are available.

Body aches and pains can build up gradually over time by poor office work habits.

Having your body in harmony with your office environment can protect your body from unwanted repetitive use injuries. The way you sit in your chair, look at your monitor, hold your hands while keypunching and mousing all adds up. The result can either be carpal tunnel, vertebrae issues, headaches etc. or you can have a happy body.

Chairs should support your spinal curves and be at the correct height. Make sure your feet rest flat on the floor. If needed, use a footrest. Adjust your armrests to provide support and keep your shoulders relaxed. Keyboard/mouse trays are designed to reduce wrist strain. Your wrists should be at a negative tilt (facing down). Never ever use the little feet that make a keyboard angle upright. Monitors should be directly in front of you at about an arm’s length. The top of the screen should be at or slightly below eye level. When wearing bifocals, you may need to adjust a bit lower.
Sit to Stand can be retrofitted to an existing desk with an electric or manual riser and most manufacturers now offer desking with sit to stand capabilities. With a simple push of a button give your body a break from sitting while you comfortably stand while you work.

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