Our professional staff is more than a team, we are family.

With superior product knowledge from decades of experience and the drive to provide the best customer service, we want to be the solution to all your office needs.

Office Product Geniuses, left to right:

Laurie Genius Chapple,
Rodney Genius,
Sidney Genius,

Furniture Team Front to back, left to right:

Sylvester Stewart, CSR,
Greg McConnell, Manager,
Val Brock, Delivery Operations Manager
Vicki Davis, CSR,

Interior Design:

Elton Pullett,

Janitorial & Facility Supply Division Leader:

Mark Leto,

Office Products Customer Service & CAD:

Sherry Alexander,

Office Products Customer Service, left to right:

Debbie McDonner,
Polly Langlois,
Lisa Granier,

Accounting, left to right:

Brandi Davis, Payables,
Darla Eisworth, Receivables,

Representatives, left to right:

Monique LeBlanc,
Mike Seamans,

Sales Representatives, left to right:

Robby Smith,
Chris Chapple,
Jay Olinde,

Sales Representatives, left to right:

Michael Owen,
Chuck Jarreau,

Sales Representative:

Darryl Sanchez,

Sales Representatives, left to right:

Todd Veron,
Alan Betz,

Warehouse and Driver Manager:

Larry Lee,

8 AM to 5 PM Monday – Friday